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For application, kindly click on the box you choose below and fill out the form.

Guitar Oasis International Music Festival
The Guitar Oasis Foundation is helping talented participants with discounts and scholarships. For application please send your video performance link and bio after registration, to:

Options all included: 3 meals a day in resort, film music masterclass for all participants, masterclasses in their chosen instrument and subjects, lectures and concerts.

Option 1 all included + competition entrance

July 1-6: 575 euro *

Option 2 all included + competition entrance 

July 1-7: 62euro *

Option 3 masterclass, concerts + competition entrance, without accomodation and meals

July 1-7: 350 euro *


Competition only: 50 euro

* Participants with all included options can pay the application online and the remainder of the amount on their arrival at the resort. Participants without accommodation and meals can pay only the amount online written in the Application & Tuition boxes. It's possible to partecipate only to Competition without Festival tuition, accomodation and meals. With all the Options the Competition entrance is included. The participants interested to Festival and Competition can fill the fields Masters, Options and Competition at the registration form. 

Each participant will obtain a Pro subscription to Doozoo, the specific application for online music lessons without latency and with excellent audio-video quality.

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